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Notes from Gary-- Your New President

When I was in 2nd grade I tried to learn to play the clarinet. It wasn't the right time for me, I think. My brain probably wasn't developed enough to handle it. I got fairly hung up and frustrated with learning to count music. That's where my musical muse stopped. So for many decades, I considered myself to be non-musical. I was wrong. I knew somewhere deep inside there was a budding fledgling musician hoping, waiting and willing to bust out, yet not knowing how. Woodworking, on the other hand, was second nature to me. I can remember trying to drive my first nail into a piece of wood when I was 5 years old! And, I went on cutting, sawing, drilling, nailing, gluing, joining, planing, sanding

Dulcimer Orchestra -- Christmas & Beyond

I am so pleased to report that the inaugural GPDA Christmas Dulcimer Orchestra was a great success! We had fourteen participants, playing mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bass mountain dulcimer, guitar, and octave mandolin. We prepared three pieces, arranged by Steve Eulberg, which we were able to play at each of the club’s Christmas performances. I could not be more pleased with how it all came together! So, what’s next, you ask? Here’s my vision: I would love for the club to have a dulcimer orchestra performance at the Spring Fundraiser. Our own Connie Renberger has expressed interested in arranging a piece for us to perform. Additionally, Steve Eulberg has arranged several classical

Winter Retreat Coming Up Soon

Our Winter Retreat will be held at Camp Tawakoni at the Disciple Center. The address is: 8492 SW Tawakoni Road, Augusta, KS. It is scheduled for January 16th . The Winter Retreat replaces our usually scheduled meeting on January 9th . The retreat will run from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm. As usual we will have a potluck lunch around noon and leftovers for dinner. There is posted a potluck signing sheet on our Yahoo site under databases. There are four scheduled workshops: 10:00-10:45am- Guitar workshop by Larry McDoniel Learning to play "The Gale" 10:00- 10:45am - Mountain Dulcimer workshop by Connie Renberger Learning to play harmonies 11:00-11:45am - Hammered dulcimer workshop by Amber Rogers Learn

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