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I Wonder When I Shall Be Married (Jean Ritchie)

The following tune, lyrics and tab are courtesy of Steve Smith of the Western North Carolina Dulcimer Collective. It is the tune for their February meeting. The Jean Ritchie recording from the album, "Courtin's a Pleasure and other Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians" can be heard on YouTube. As with all of Steve's tunes, it is tabbed to be played in either DAD or DAA. The links below will take you to a file that you can download to a tablet, as well as recordings in both strummed and melody-line only versions.

Bonnie & Clyde Were Musicians

In an article written by Ron Gibson, he shared research about Bonnie and Clyde. The notorious bank robbers were gunned down by a posse led by lawman, Frank hammer. Among all their belongings of shotguns, handguns, automatic rifles, ammunition and license plates, the posse found a "strange music fiddle" that miraculously survived the slaughter, undamaged. Historians have recently identified the mysterious instrument as a three-string Appalachian dulcimer! Bonnie Parker was a well-documented, talented singer who was scheduled to star in a Broadway musical in 1933. However, because of her status as a wanted felon, she was unable to fulfill the terms of her contract. Interesting to note is that

What Do a Train Track & a Stringed Instrument Have in Common?

This is not going to be a "Tool De Jour" article but it might sound like it because there are some basic fundamentals about the materials from which our instruments are constructed that we would do well to remember. As I have told you before, I am not a luthier but I do know about wood and woodworking and construction techniques. The two materials we need to understand are wood and iron. Rather interesting when one thinks about it; that is, two totally dissimilar substances which when brought together in a certain fashion create a beautiful instrument that produces beautiful sounds. [That was me waxing poetic.] Iron is an element and wood is an organic compound called "cellulose". Let’s look

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