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Kentucky Music Week or Bust

I am on an adventure! I will be attending the Kentucky Music Week in Bardstown, Kentucky. I am taking a “giant” step forward. In fact, I have been building a wooden banjo. I will be taking beginning banjo classes with Amber Rogers. I have no idea what I am getting into, but I am looking forward to the experience. Denny and I will setting out Thursday on our road trip not knowing what to expect. Erin Lewis states that it is quite the event to attend. Lots of musicians of every type will be there. In fact, I have been told it is “quite a happening!” I am amazed that in the short time I have been learning to play the mountain dulcimer that I would even step out and teach classes. Erin Lewis is

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Before I became “musical” [actually before I realized that I had always been “musical”] I would openly confess that the music gene had come to me from the shallow end of the gene pool. And, I would marvel and enjoy the musical proclivity of my wife and our children. Being married to a singer I would frequently find myself attending concerts and choral performances of which my family members [most usually Denny] would be sharing their gifts with the world. This particular occasion was no different. I was seated near the back. Denny was up on stage with the soprano section. Our children were at home probably tearing up the house, having just recently ascended to the age of being old enough to

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