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Fess Parker - dulcimer and Daniel Boone

I am sharing some dulcimer history I just discovered from the Athens Dulcimer Club with an article that I found absolutely fascinating. Hope you do too! You can locate Fess Parker playing a mountain dulcimer on YouTube. Look up Daniel Boone Season 1 Episode 1 to see him play a dulcimer and sing. In this episode, he sang, "Fare Thee Well, My Darling, Fare Thee Well." Later on another additional Daniel Boone in Season 5 Episode 26A titled, "A Pinch of Salt", he plays and sings again. Who knew? He played the dulcimer with a noter and a turkey quill. This was Fess Parker's preferred instrument. He also played a guitar and a fiddle. David Bennet wrote about Fess Parker for the Athens Dulc

A note from Gary

The warm-up picnic was fantastic! In spite of the rain and the flood and the mud, I have been informed that our "Warm Up Picnic" was one of the high points of the Winfield experience this year! What turned out to be a near disaster for Walnut Valley Music Festival actually worked to our benefit (I am sorry to say). We did have many people come to our Warm Up Picnic because the park was a relatively dry spot in the Winfield area that day. Once again, sincere thanks must be expressed to all the individuals who jumped in and helped out to make sure our picnic was a success! I only regret that I am not mentioning you all by name for fear that I might accidentally leave out someone. All of yo

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