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It is a rainy spring afternoon as I sip on a cup of tea and write the April update, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite rainy-day dulcimer-related resources. Dulcimer Player News is a quarterly magazine chalk-full of resources for both kinds of dulcimers. Each edition includes articles to help your playing technique, sheet music, information about the history of our instrument and its players, and a CD of beautiful performances. To subscribe, visit or call (423) 886-3966. (Autoharp Quarterly can be found at Hearts of the Dulcimer is both a film documentary and a podcast. Wayne Jiang and Patricia Delich are a husband/wife, mountain d

Finding One's Voice

I have been working on a couple of pieces that I hope to play for our fundraiser this week. I've been working on these two pieces for the past six months. That's okay. It reconfirms something that I've known for quite some time and that is if one plays through a piece about a hundred times one will probably kind of know it. We will see. Now, the interesting discovery that I didn't make until just a few days ago was that for some reason it took me a very long time two be able to sing this song in such a way that it fit with the mood and the feeling of the song. In other words, it took me awhile before I could “find my voice”. That is not just a matter or learning to sing on key. It is

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