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A Performance Manifesto

The topic of PERFORMANCE has been on my mind a lot recently. GPDA had a very successful Spring Fundraiser – kudos to all who worked hard to prepare beautiful performances for it! My Northfield School students are preparing for their final performance tomorrow, and my homeschool students will perform in May. Plus, there have been GPDA playdates galore recently. Performance is a big deal for musicians, so let’s talk about it! Erin’s Performance Manifesto (a work in progress... ) #1- Preparing for a performance makes you practice. Yes, it's true, everyone practices more if they know there is a performance coming up. The pressure of a date on the calendar helps you stay motivated to get your ins

A Little Help from Our Friends

I don't want to belabor a point, but I think it is important to say this again. We had a wonderful experience with our Spring Fundraiser. As for myself, I had a good time performing the two pieces that I alluded to in the last newsletter. I greatly appreciated Erin Mae Lewis arranging and then teaching me those two songs as well as playing back up! One club member came up to me a few days later and commented that I could no longer hide behind the guise of being a "Beginner" player. That was very kind and I am still a beginner which brings me to my point. We have fostered an attitude in our club that beginners are welcome. That is a good thing. Not only that; but we have also establishe

TablEdit Workshop

Club member Richard Taylor will be offering a free workshop about how to use the TablEdit viewer software as a practice tool. The workshop will be at the May GPDA meeting -- Saturday, May 13th after the business meeting. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend so that Richard can prepare the appropriate number of handouts. DOWNLOAD the TABLEDIT VIEWER

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