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Thanks from the Bell's

A SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS: I, Denny and all the Bell clan would like to express a special word of thanks for your help, cards and participation in what turned out to be a wonderful 45th wedding anniversary for Denny and me right after the June meeting! It was a surprise for Denny! She said "yes" when I asked her to marry me again and our son, Joshua, a newly ordained minister, officiated at the renewal of our vows. Again, thank you to all of you! Gary and Denny

Playing in the Dark

So, I was playing my dulcimer the other night as the wild, crazy, maniac, seven-year-old boys at our church camp were trying to settle down and go to sleep. It was working. Music does soothe the savage beast. I was playing in the dark with only the light from my tablet showing the music. Just when they were really getting quiet, as I was going from DAC to DAD, there was the always dreaded: SNAP! The melody string broke. No way was I going to turn the light on to change strings and break the spell and wake them up again. Naturally, I did what any self-respecting diatonic dulcimer player would do; I tuned the middle string to D and played everything on two strings. No chords. Anything on the “

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