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BOTANICA: Friday, November 23rd, 6:30pm Sunday, December 23rd, 6:30pm COWTOWN: Friday, December 7th, 6:00pm Saturday, December 15th, 6:00pm

Walnut Valley Festival

So I've got to say I sincerely appreciated those of you that came out to cheer me on at the Walnut Valley contest! It was great fun! Going into the contest, I really wasn't very nervous. I wasn't particularly overwhelmed. When someone asked me later how I did? I replied "Well, let's just say I competed!" Did I choke? Not really. I might even say I was perhaps a bit over confident. When I found out that there were over 20 contestants, I concluded the odds were greatly increased against my placing in the contest, so I resolved to make a good showing and do the best I could! I feel what actually happened is probably worthy of note and instructive. Let's not worry about the outcome. By


Many of us just experienced the wonderful "high" of music together last month in Winfield. Whether you attended the Warm Up Picnic, participated in our playdate at the downtown music crawl, or spent a week camping at the Walnut Valley Festival, there was a LOT of music going on. Upon returning to your quiet home, you may have felt symptoms of music withdrawal. Have you ever considered getting a music buddy? With a music buddy, you have more motivation to practice because you have someone to do it with. In general, it's a lot more fun to play for a human-being than just your dog, cat, or house plant, no matter how adorable each one might be. Also, with a teacher or musical friend, you are

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