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Notes From Nancy

Looking for a Constant in 2020?

We can ask ourselves are there any constants in 2020?

Surely not gathering with fellow musicians, no live events, family, or church. Yes, life is different now, but music is constant.

Even though music has progressed over the years, much of the old-timey tunes remain solid and constant. The history of old-time music origins came from African-American, Angelo-American and Native Americans. They all brought something to the mix to music we have grown to love. Old-time music is the oldest country music ever recorded and started back in the 1800’s. (All Music) If it had not evolved, where would we be today? Old-timey music evokes our countries roots according to All music remains constant today.

Storytelling seems to be a main theme to old-time music. Some of the stories are sad, some scary, some are about love, and there are even gospels. Nevertheless, GPDA Newsletter 3 they are jewels of our history and can be considered constant in their own way. Old-time music is the oldest form of Traditional American music and depicted the way people of the time lived in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Then comes bluegrass and the famous Bill Monroe. Traditional Music says Bill had his roots in old-time music and was instrumental in paving the way to bluegrass in the 1940’s. Both genres are alive and well today if not constant!?

From a mountain dulcimer perspective, I’ve heard the masters of today play all kinds of music genres on their instruments. Versatility of music, but still there are only so many notes and chord progressions making music constant.

We can have peace in the fact that music is a constant variable in our lives. From Baroque to Old-time to Bluegrass, and on it goes to the modern music of today. A constant in a turbulent time helps keep us grounded and frankly every time I join a Zoom class, I find myself smiling and enjoying life. This in turn helps support all of our wonderful teachers from coast to coast.

It is important to find constants in 2020. My wish for you is to lean on our music as an anchor.

We need an anchor to keep us above the events of 2020.

Keep the music in the air!

Your GPDA VP NancyJ

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