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Resolution Time?

No, I don’t make resolutions every year. I would rather try to do my utmost day by day and no I don’t always succeed. It is my opinion that resolutions could set one up for failure as they report most are broken within a short period of time.

Musically, I do have goals starting next year and I sincerely hope they pan out, God willing. I have always been a goal setter and planner of excursions.

I have a little book that I call my Mountain Dulcimer Trip Planning. In it I started writing out Dulcimer trips beginning in 2018. I would add GPDA retreats and events as well as actual dulcimer trips I planned to take. Prior to this I have a Journey’s and Trip book where I write out day by day the happenings along the journey. A trip/Journey diary which I started in 2012 and every so often look back and read about my trips and the shenanigans that took place along the way to remind myself what fun I had.

Wish I had written about the Quarantune and the other online events I’ve attended this year. I just might catch that all up this winter so I can look back on 2020 and realize there were some blessings after all.

Are you going to make a resolution? I hope you the very best for your resolutions, goals, and hopeful journeys for this next year.

Keep the Music in the Air,

NancyJ VP

PS Okay I might make a resolution to keep my music in order, but more importantly start playing by ear and wean myself off the tabs!!! Wish me luck!



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