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September 10, 2020

Quarantune 2.0 has been another smashing success. I am grateful for the volunteers that organized it and the almost 50 instructors that taught us how to be better musicians. Total count of students that participated was 1847. Wow!

On that note, there were 4 concerts to...

September 3, 2020

First let me say something about our upcoming event at the Beaumont hotel in Beaumont Kansas. It is on September the 12th starting at 10:00 a.m. and running to noon. There are still camping spaces available to reserve. I would suggest that you do so right away. The cam...

August 21, 2020

Most instruments can play a wide range of music from different genres, except maybe bagpipes. Ha!

I know old timey music and hymns are very popular for our club. Then there is an Irish jam that used to meet in Wichita, which is pretty fast playing.

From Classical to the...

August 10, 2020

     Admittedly, I relied heavily on Wikipedia for the following article.  I could have just given y’all the link and you could have read it yourself.  But, what’s the fun in that?


Quarantune Online Festival 2020 was the first of its kind. There were 32 instructors and over 1400 attendees. There were 317 workshops on Friday and Saturday. On top of this they held 3 Instructors’ concerts! The attendees came from 22+ states and a total of 7 countrie...

As you probably have already noticed by following our postings on email from our GPDA group page, we have established an opinion poll regarding our July meeting.

If you have not already posted your opinion on the poll, please do so.

We have an amazingly simple question w...

It seems these days we are all looking for hope. Hope to see each other again. To hug loved ones again. To not lose anymore loved ones. Hope for peace for our country. How and where do we find Hope?

For those with Faith, we know where our hope comes from. Even with that...

June 14, 2020

I remember recently having a conversation with one of our club members about the sound quality of a certain Mountain Dulcimer.  I remember stating a comment, which at the time seemed to make perfectly good sense, and then once I said it; I realized there was quite a do...

 “If You Play Your Music at Home and No One Is There to Hear it; Does It Make Any Noise?”

Been kind of busy lately.  Perhaps my experience has not been so different than yours? Or, maybe your life has slowed down to the point that boredom has taken over and you find you...

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