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Spring Fundraiser

Our club's annual fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, April 21st. See the flier for all the details:

Cleaning the Schmutz off Your Dulcimer

So the impetus for this article comes from an observation and conversation with an old guitar player. Now, you might ask, was that a conversation with a guitar player who was old or guitar player who played old guitars? The answer is, “Yes". What caught my attention was the obvious amount of “schmutz” on his guitar. (In the world of woodworkers “schmutz” is just another word for grime, dirt, or foreign stuff; it's just more fun to say “schmutz.”) Anyway, this schmutz was everywhere - this old guitar player had touched his old guitar over the course of several years. I asked him about it and he said, “It gives it character and makes it sound better.” Well, no question about the character part

12 Tips for Arranging on Mountain Dulcimer

Add Chords. Most music has chords written in. You simply have to find the best form of the chord to use to get the best sound & playability. Play the melody on the bass string. Because the melody & bass strings are the same note an octave apart, you can play the same exact melody on the bass. Play the melody an octave higher. The 7th fret is the same note as an open string, so you can play the song an octave higher by simply moving up 7 frets. Add dynamics. Varying your volume throughout a tune can add a lot of flavor. A simple rule of thumb for dynamics is to get louder as you go up the scale & softer as you come back down. Add hammer-ons, pull-offs, & slides. If you’re going up a note, use

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