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As I sit here listening to a concert by Bing Futch I am looking back at the year for GPDA.

Many members joined this year and even paid dues for 2020. Good sign we are getting back into the saddle as a club. We even have some new members! We started meeting in person again and it’s so good to see our members live! Most of us have recovered from the pandemic of which we will not elaborate.

We did lose a beloved member this year - Joe Anderson. He was a member for many years.

At one general meeting we had three rooms with different groups playing music! Orchestra in one, Gospel practice, and a jam. Oh the music was in the air for sure! Summertime brought many members to the meetings and jams afterwards.

Several members played the Senseney Music Day at a park in downtown Wichita. We had some sprinkles, but overall a nice evening.

We left Play on the Porch Day up to each individual. Hope some or you did this.

Warm Up Picnic was successful and coming back bigger and better than ever! Club members came together and pitched in to help make it a success! Thanks to all for a great event. Gospel group played their first gig in at least two years.

Cowtown Christmas was a success with eight musicians and good attendance. My dear friend wants to sign up in the future to be the official bell lady! She handed them out and got the kids involved, even some adults!!

Christmas Party was much fun according to the attendees. Yummy cookies and treats.

Jean Conkling won best cookie and a gift – a Christmas mug.

Name that tune from three notes - we had a tie between Erin Mae and Nancy Maes-Simonetti.

Tie breaker was won by Nancy M and won a musical zipper bag to store picks maybe?

The winner of match the origination date with the tune was won by Gary Bell and he only got two correct.(Yes, this one

was hard, but everyone had fun!)

Last but not least, the ugly Christmas sweater was again Gary Bell. He took two prizes home - a couple of musical


Played the GPDA Christmas list, ate, visited, and had a wonderful time with about 12 in attendance.

Coutts Museum in El Dorado had five members play for a full house. It was fun and the audience sang along. A few children rang bells for us.

Unfortunately, Botanica did not pan out this year due to the weather. Three of you made it, Pat Harrington, Larry & Teresa McDoniel. Thanks for being troopers and showing up. Just glad everyone was safe as it was not a good night to be driving.

That pretty much wraps up 2022.

Wishing you all the best in 2023. We shall see what next year brings to GPDA!

Blessing to you all NancyJ

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