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Wendy Songe Workshops

Wendy Songe will be presenting a full day of mountain dulcimer workshops on Wednesday, May 23rd. Wendy is a wonderful musician from Tulsa, OK. It is an honor to have her in Wichita for the day. Invite all your friends and come learn something new! 10:00-11:00- Fingerpicking 101 11:15-12:15- Finding the Music Inside You 12:30-2:00- LUNCH break 2:15-3:15- Adding Embellishments to Your Playing 3:30-4:30- Mini-Concert Cost is $20/one, $35/two, or $50/all day. Workshops will be held at Senseney Music (2300 E Lincoln, Wichita). RSVPs are not necessary, but are helpful for planning. Email with questions.

Who was "Old Joe Clark"?

Admittedly, I relied heavily on Wikipedia for the following article. I could have just given y'all the link and you could have read it yourself. But, what's the fun in that? I left in most of the links because it is fun to check the references in a Wikipedia article because they [shock!] contain more and corroborating information. For instance the Lisa Clark article gives us a picture of the Kentucky State Historical marker in front of the Post Office at Sextons Creek where Old Joe Clark was murdered. The marker also tells us the Old Joe Clark was: "a shiftless and rough mountaineer of that day. His enemies were legion; he was murdered in 1885. In the moonshining days of 1870's, he ran a gov

Making Time for Music

Is your schedule as busy as mine? Do you wake up realizing you haven't picked up your instrument for … days … weeks …??? It's so easy for our time to get filled - I've been caring for aging grandparents, remodeling my house, and keeping up with daily life. I'm sure you have your own list of things keeping you busy. So how can you make sure you are making time for the seemingly less important things that really do matter, like making music? Here are a few suggestions: Keep your instrument out where you can pick it up and play it for even five minutes at a time. For me, that is while I'm waiting for my computer to boot up in the morning or while my next cup of tea is steeping. Keep some of you

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