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Notes from Paula

Hello Music Friends, As I write this it is Christmas Eve.

I just finished a very touching and enjoyable afternoon by attending the Send In The Music Jam. It wasn’t really a jam today, more of a performance. Pat pulled together special music from the last three years, since the Send In The Music Jam started. There were performances from professional players and from people just like you and me.

Among those I enjoyed this afternoon were:

Larry and Elaine Conger, playing “Mary Did You Know”. This was a real blessing to me. Mary Did You Know has been very special to me this year. I’ve worked hard on Larry and Elaine’s arrangement, and I’ve also enjoyed playing it on the piano. What a treat to hear them play this beautiful piece!

Laurie Alsobrook, Susan Trump, Tull Glazer and Molly McCormick played some beautiful Christmas music. FNDO, First National Dulcimer Orchestra (a few members) played “Go In Peace”, a favorite of many people.

The Furman’s played a lovely tune with a bowed dulcimer – wow! Then there was a visit to a tree farm with a “Trail of Hope” and a visit to a Nativity Festival with harps playing in the background.

Another group played a Larry Conger arrangement I’ve been working on called “Pacem Noel”. It was so nice to hear it played so beautifully!

Of course, there were many others that performed and all of them were so enjoyable!

If you haven’t visited the Send In The Music Jam – you really should check it out!!

It’s almost time for New Year’s Resolutions……. How many of you make resolutions? And, how many of you keep and complete those resolutions?

My list of things I’d like to accomplish is long, and more than likely, most of it probably won’t be accomplished. I do hope to be a better friend to those around me, to be an encourager and a blessing to others. I’m hoping music will be part of all of that.

And of course, I’m hoping for world peace! May we share peace, joy, music in 2023!

Paula S


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