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Learning a Song or: "What Happens When It Finally Clicks!"

What do I know? That is the question that has crossed my mind every month for the past two years that I served as the President of our club. Don't get me wrong or take that question the wrong way because I have oodles of self-confidence. But, I am relatively new to this whole music thing. Although I am rather shaky at informing you about music, I can tell you what I have learned. I can share with you what I have experienced on this "voyage of discovery". I can remind you what it is like to catch on for the first time some joyful nuance of music theory. And so, it goes. After the Warm-Up Picnic, I asked my music teacher to find me something challenging. I wanted a difficult piece; something t

Pass It On

Traditions exist because one person teaches another person to value them and keep them going. As old-time musicians, there are many traditions we hold dear and legacies we are continuing. GPDA is committed to educating new players, sharing traditional music with others through performances, and sustaining music gatherings in our community. We believe in tradition and we are passionate about making sure our traditions continue. One of my life missions is to teach young people in my community, as well as to equip adults to teach the young people in their lives. As part of this mission, I partner with many local organizations including GPDA, Kansas Bluegrass Association (KBA), Arts Partners Wic

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