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'Twas the Week Before the GPDA Christmas Party

'Twas the week before the GPDA Christmas Party and all through members houses

Not a creature was stirring, not even any mouses!

The members were searching for Ugly Sweaters with care,

In the hopes a prize would be theirs.

The grandkids were nestled all snug in their beds,

Laughing with thoughts of grandpa and grandma sweaters in their heads.

What other games might be under the President’s cap?

a challenge indeed while instruments sit on our laps.

Musical questions coming your way,

Can you tell from 3 notes played?

Games and music played all afternoon,

Prices and cookies to eat very soon!

No! not the dreaded music theory,

But come prepared to know some history!

Bring your best Christmas cookie to share,

And a copy of the recipe, Oh I Declare!

Best of taste & show just might,

Land you a special delight!

So the president must prepare for the event,

And call for each instrument to be present!

On Maxie, on Hummer, calling each by name,

On Van Gough, and on Magic, lo and behold they came!

Games to organize, cookies to bake,

Music to practice, mustn’t be late.

All of the instruments will be singing,

Everyone smiling and twinkling!

Filled with cookies, music, and good cheer,

We can happily say goodbye to this year!

See you at the Party!! NancyJ


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