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Christmas Music ~ From the VP's Desk

From the VP's Desk

Christmas is one of my all-time favorite times of the year. It always surprises me when someone gets an attitude like Scrooge, "Bah, humbug!" Too much to do or someone always wants me to do something attitude.

I always look forward with eager anticipation to the season like when I was a child with Christmas magic. The best part of Christmas is the music … the most glorious music. I would love to sing and play it all year. And yet, I wonder if it would take some of the magic away and become just a ritual.

If you are playing your Christmas music because you have to, I hope and pray you will get a "gratitude attitude" to enjoy the beauty of the season's music. Look at each song with new eyes and hear it with new ears. Think about the words of each song and let the music feed your souls.

One of the most meaningful places for me at Christmas season is in the old church at Cowtown. My heart swells with joy as I listen to all the music filling the room. It causes me to think about when this church actually began. And then, I wonder how many people sat in that very church during the Christmas season singing together and remembering what the season was really all about. For me playing with the Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance during this season is actually the highlight of Christmas for me.

May this Christmas season be filled with many blessings from above as we share the joy of music with everyone!

Christmas blessings from your short pickin' & grinnin' vp,


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