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Dulcimer Orchestra -- Christmas & Beyond

I am so pleased to report that the inaugural GPDA Christmas Dulcimer Orchestra was a great success! We had fourteen participants, playing mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bass mountain dulcimer, guitar, and octave mandolin. We prepared three pieces, arranged by Steve Eulberg, which we were able to play at each of the club’s Christmas performances. I could not be more pleased with how it all came together!

So, what’s next, you ask? Here’s my vision:

I would love for the club to have a dulcimer orchestra performance at the Spring Fundraiser. Our own Connie Renberger has expressed interested in arranging a piece for us to perform. Additionally, Steve Eulberg has arranged several classical pieces for mixed-dulcimer orchestra. I plan to order one or two of these pieces within the next week. I will set up a poll in the Yahoo group to take suggestions for which pieces to choose.

I will host a read-through in the afternoon at the Winter Retreat for anyone who is interested. Participating (or not) on that afternoon will not commit you to performing~ it’s just a chance for everyone to see how it works. Sign-up for the Spring Dulcimer Orchestra will be open until February 29th . There will be a small cost to participate, in order to compensate the arrangers and director. Contact me at

with questions! I look forward to continuing this project with you in 2016 and beyond! Here’s to lots more beautiful music in the year to come!

~Erin Mae

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