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Kentucky Music Week or Bust

I am on an adventure! I will be attending the Kentucky Music Week in Bardstown, Kentucky. I am taking a “giant” step forward.

In fact, I have been building a wooden banjo. I will be taking beginning banjo classes with Amber Rogers. I have no idea what I am getting into, but I am looking forward to the experience.

Denny and I will setting out Thursday on our road trip not knowing what to expect. Erin Lewis states that it is quite the event to attend. Lots of musicians of every type will be there. In fact, I have been told it is “quite a


I am amazed that in the short time I have been learning to play the mountain dulcimer that I would even step out and teach classes. Erin Lewis is my teacher and she encourages me to continue to explore my options of learning. I might add I may overwhelm her with my enthusiasm of wanting to know everything all at once! To this, I will add she is very patient.

Taking this road trip is an opportunity for me to either understand more about what I am learning or get more confused. I will let you know at the July meeting.

I hope to be able to share what this escapade produces for me. I am planning on being challenged but also inspired by the many gifted musicians I will encounter along this journey. I will be posting “selfies” with the different teachers and people I meet along the way.

As you know I love to work with wood and I found a YouTube video on how to make a wooden

banjo and I said to myself, “Why not!” Tonight I put the finishing touches on it and we will see if it will

make music for me. I might even bring it to the GPDA meeting so you can see what I have been

working on.

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