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Neal Hellman Workshops & Concert

Neal Hellman is a world-renowned mountain dulcimer player from Santa Cruz, CA. GPDA is delighted to welcome him to Kansas for a series of workshops and concert on Tuesday, October 10th! A nationally acclaimed performer and teacher of the mountain dulcimer, Neal Hellman has been active in performing, writing, teaching, and recording acoustic music for the past 30 years. Neal’s latest recording, Emma’s Waltz, is a colorful dance through traditional and contemporary acoustic music styles. Featuring seventeen different musicians playing compositions from Ireland, Scotland, Finland, America and France. As founder, director and one of the primary artists of the Gourd Music record label, Neal has produced over forty albums, including Simple Gifts, The Fairie Round, Tender Shepherd, The World Turned Upside Down and Jefferson’s Fiddle, creating a uniquely distinctive sound, featuring a variety of acoustic instrumental ensembles, rich in texture and tonal color. Read more about Neal here

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