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Neal Hellman Workshop Descriptions

Here are detailed descriptions about Neal Hellman's workshops on October 10th. Please RSVP to Erin Mae if you plan to attend any of the workshops --- this allows us to have plenty of chairs and handouts ready!

WORKSHOP 1 - 10:00-11:30am

Aeolian Mode for Beginners & Sing A Simple Song With the Dulcimer: (Beginner)

Students will tune to the Aeolian mode of D (D-A-C where D is the bass string). This is both a simple and rewarding workshop, especially for beginners. Students will be taught basic melodies as well as how to utilize the dulcimer to back up the voice.

Selections include The Praties, Kojo no Tuski, Goddesses, Breton Tune and Nonesuch. We will also tune back to D-A-D and illustrate how to employ the dulcimer as a backup instrument for a song or an accompaniment to another instrument.

WORKSHOP 2- 1:30-3:00pm

Music of the World for Mountain Dulcimer: (Intermediate)

All in D-A-D Tunes from around the globe arranged for Mt. Dulcimer. Including: Arirang (Korea), Asika Thali (Africa), C'est L'Aviron (French Canadian), Allemande (Belgium), El Tutu (Italy), Bach's Minuet in G and a few more. Students should be able to perform basic embellishment techniques (hammers, pulls and slides).

WORKSHOP 3- 3:15-4:45pm

The Music of Celtic Harper Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) & A Few Irish Tunes: (Advanced)

In this new workshop the student will learn how to play in G, Em, Bm, D and Am all in the D-A-D tuning while learning the enchanting music of the famous blind Harper Turlough O'Carolan.

Selections include: Catherine Martin (A Dorian), The Dark Plaintive Youth (E Dorian), Separation of The Body from the Soul (B Aeolian), Planxty Connor (D Ionian), Cumha Eoghain Rua Ui Neill (G Ionian).

Tunes Include: John Brosnan's Polka, Daley's Polka, Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore, Breton Tune

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