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First Time at Warm-Up Picnic

Larry Sangals is a new member of the Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance. He attended the Warm-Up Picnic on September 9th and shares his experience with us today:

Being new to the dulcimer world, I attended the Wichita GPDA monthly meeting after I had only one lesson from Erin Mae. This meeting inspired me to attempt to attend the upcoming 2017 Warm Up Picnic (WUP).

Those at the meeting warmly welcomed me not only at the meeting, but then to also attend the WUP. Gary Bell was then recommended to me to be able to fine tune the workmanship to get my dulcimer better ready to play. I was so thrilled to have an instrument that might even stay tuned and not have any extra noises.

The Saturday came to attend the Warm Up Picnic so I decided to go. Not being able to attend the Walnut Valley Festival, I was advised that those tickets may sell and found that they indeed did sell. This was only one of the several recommended reasons to attend the WUP.

I found those attending to be incredibly warm and welcoming to my first encounter to this picnic. Richard Taylor was wonderfully helpful to get my email hooked up to the group communication. Larry McDoniel was so enjoyable to talk to as he was in charge of not only taking pictures, but also keeping the sound system working to allow all to be able to hear the wonderful music or announcements. I was so thrilled to be so very welcomed by the very professional Erin Mae. Numerous people I met were very encouraging to keep on attending these and other gatherings.

Some pictures I took showed only some of the intensity and kindnesses shown to me during the wonderful encounter called the Warm Up Picnic 2017.

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