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Review of "Armadillo On A Hot Tin Roof"

VI WICKAM AND JUSTIN BRANUM are two of America's finest fiddlers. Their new album Armadillo On A Hot Tin Roof is a testament to the depth of their musicianship. From traditional old-time tunes to melancholy ballads, jazzy western swing to classic-sounding originals; each track is presented with care and authenticity. Vi and Justin play each tune clearly and accurately --- a rarity on many albums these days --- then throw in a splash of colour and originality.

If you are a budding musician, trying to learn new tunes, you must add Armadillo On A Hot Tin Roof to your collection. The melodies are easy to follow, the lyrics are sung clearly (with all the verses!), and the arrangements are stunning. Backed by guitar and bass, plus an occasional mandolin and clawhammer banjo, this album will make you feel like you are walking up to a jam session at your favorite music festival. You may just be inspired to pick up your own instrument to play along!

Armadillo On A Hot Tin Roof by Vi Wickam and Justin Branum released on April 1st. Get your copy by visiting You won't regret it.

Track List:

1. Dusty Jug – 3:42 – written by Justin Branum, 2016

2. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home (feat. Albanie Falletta) – 3:35 – Written By Hughie Cannon, 1902

3. Ashokan Farewell – 3:41 – Written by Jay Ungar, 1982

4. Shove that Pig's Foot a Little Farther Into the Fire – 3:11 – Traditional American Fiddle Tune

5. Home on the Range – 3:24 – Written by Brewster M. Higley, 1872

6. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose – 3:38 – Traditional Scottish Melody

7. Who's Gonna Talk to Dinah – 3:11 – Traditional American Fiddle Tune

8. Red River Valley – 4:10 – Traditional Canadian Folk Song

9. Whiskey Before Breakfast – 3:34 – Traditional Old-Time/Irish Fiddle Tune

10. Westphalia Waltz – 4:50 – Traditional Polish Folk Tune

11. Cuckoo's Nest – 3:24 – Traditional Irish Folk Song

12. Maiden's Prayer – 3:11 – written by Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska, 1859

13. Stumbling – 2:49 – written by Zez Confrey, 1922

14. Little Rhino – 1:58 – written by Vi Wickam, 2009

Review by Erin Mae Lewis –

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