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Everyone is probably really tired of hearing about COVID-19. So, let’s look at the brighter side of things right now.

Hooking up – all over social media, news casts, and even in neighborhoods many good things are happening. What can we do with our music? Share it with LOVE.

Zoom sessions are being setup for Jams, lessons, and practice. Wow, Zoom is overwhelmed.

Teachers are caravanning in neighborhoods honking and waving to students, maybe a caravan of music somehow? I saw one guitar player just playing and singing in his front yard and neighbors all over came out and sang with him from a loving distance.

Posting songs on Facebook. So many instructors and players are videoing their music to share and encourage others. Quite amazing, check it out. Even singing posts with people from all over the world. Humanity is coming together. Concerts are being setup some free and others asking for donations for worthwhile charities to get us through this. Again, the Love all over the world is showing up!!

I could go on, but you get the message and have hopefully witnessed some of this. The outpouring of Love across the whole world is truly amazing and heartwarming.

What can we do? Here are some suggestions.

  • Be sure you tell everyone you Love that you do Love them.

  • Take time to play your instruments even if you don’t feel comfortable to video and post.

  • Attend some of the concerts and lessons online and help support our musical instructors.

  • Watch for the good news and not the bad.

  • Work on memorizing some of your favorite tunes.

  • Donate time or money where possible.

  • Wave at your neighbors! There is a movement right now where people are going around taking pictures of neighbors on their front porches.

Maybe we should have a play on your front porch day early??!! I think I will take my practice to the front porch today. We will see how it goes and I hope people just wave as they walk and drive by.

The possibilities are endless my friends. Let’s all show the Love to each other.

Until we meet again under better circumstances, I wish you all well and safe during this crisis.

With love your VP, NancyJ

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