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What Genre Do You Like to Play?

Most instruments can play a wide range of music from different genres, except maybe bagpipes. Ha!

I know old timey music and hymns are very popular for our club. Then there is an Irish jam that used to meet in Wichita, which is pretty fast playing.

From Classical to the Beatles almost anything goes now. Just watch Sam Edelston on You Tube and his Rock n Roll, he is fantastic. Butch Ross loves Beatle songs and has written some pretty awesome tunes too. Larry Conger plays very soothing songs and I could go on, but I think you get the idea they do develop their own styles.

What is your favorite genre? Have you tried some? I love mixing up my music to include a wide variety. Not always a fast player, I do find pieces that really speak to me. Not much of a singer so I love for my instrument to be my voice.

I would encourage you to explore and reach out and try different styles of music. Music that inspires you to play a little differently or even try new techniques. I don’t really have a favorite type of music as I love so much of it. Country, Blues, Jazz, Classical, and so on. Try some and mix up your playing!

After taking so many classes with fabulous dulcimer players I hope to pick up a little here and a little there and come up with my own style and choice of music. I am grateful for their time and talent for teaching us the skills to then go and develop our own way of playing. I’m sure that is true for any instrument. If we don’t learn from the best, then how can we get better. (I did see that in a Facebook posting and truly agree).

I don’t plan on playing as good as some of them, heck they’ve been playing since they were knee high and I can’t match that kind of experience. However, I can select what style, genre, instrument, and way of playing that works for me. I’m not much of a strummer, but love to strum and pick. Variety of that sort makes it interesting for me and I hope for anyone listening.

Our last club meeting was great as some were in-person and others joined with Zoom. It was a fabulous turn out!

Try some new genres and techniques! Hope to see you during Quarantune 2.0. Yes, I signed up for some classes again, we never stop learning!

Keep the music in the air!

Your VP, NancyJ

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