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From the President:

Oh my, we are fast approaching the last quarter of 2022. It has been wonderful to be able to meet in person again and we had 3 groups playing music at our August meeting!

Play on the porch - remember if you played on the porch to send a picture to Erin to post! I saw many posts on Facebook from around the country. Some were even videos to watch, amazing. WUP - we have so much positive activity for our WUP this year! I think the excitement is growing big time!

Be sure to sign-up for Registration/Silent Auction tables there are three time slots still open. Then for the Potluck, enter the yummies you plan to bring. You can find both sign-ups with this link/URL and go to Database at the bottom of the left column.

Botanica - no date yet but will be coming soon.

November meeting will be to firm up our Christmas Party plans.

Hope to see you all at WUP!



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