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Harmonious: Definition according to the Oxford Language dictionary is a tune which is not discordant, OR forming a pleasing, consistent whole, OR free from disagreement or dissent. On a more musical note, Norman Douglas wrote harmonious is having agreement among musical components. Musically concordant voices and parts agreeably related, congruent, blended into a whole harmonious medley of small, valued chambers. To put it simply, harmonious music playing, singing, and musicians coming together as a whole.

The original thought for this month’s blog was music as a global language. However, when coming across Disney’s 2022 Harmonious film it struck a chord. Here are some quotes from the program which seemed to be along the line of music as a global language bringing harmony, peace, love, and hope to all. What we do here and now always trickles around the world even if we don’t see it happening.

Music transcends all people, every country, village, and culture incorporates music into their environment.

Music can be many things from an emotion in a melody, a journey with words or rhythm, and stories can be performed from generation to generation and culture to culture.

Music is a universal word/language we all know and feel. It can console us, make us happy, sad and touches us all like a tapestry among all nations and people.

Music can be generational and multicultural. They stated the world is alive with music and we can find each other in song/vocals, instrumentation, and even with different genres.

Disney films are known for highlighting many different countries around the world. When the music was played in Harmonious there was a choir, an orchestra and they showed some unfamiliar instruments, and many different people from countries around the world singing their songs. Disney might not always depict the culture itself from within the stories, but musically we can identify where the tunes originated from.

Aladdin’s Lamp from the middle east.

The Lion King from Africa

Brave from Scotland

Frozen had several countries: Norway, the fjords, and Scandinavia.

Sleeping Beauty from Germany

And on it goes.

Our very environment shares harmonious music with us. From birds singing (love the Turtle Doves!), leaves blowing in the wind, the wind itself (as long as it’s not over 15mph please), bees, bugs, and waterfalls, are some great examples of how our environment gives us their language musically. Did you hear the recording from Mars? It’s almost Klingon like rather than a harmonious sound.

In a world that seems tumulus around us, we as musicians can find Harmoniousness in our playing and time together.

It was a joy to play with those that showed up for Senseney Music Day on the Summer Solstice. It is a tradition that started in another country many, many years ago. It sprinkled on us a little bit, but a rainbow appeared (even a double!) and we proceeded to play together.

Our jams after the general meetings have been a good time for all and many of the members are working hard to learn how to jam with others.

Our WUP is in the works, and we have outlined a great plan for the day. We will discuss at the next general meeting.

Keep Harmonious Music in the Air!

NancyJ Your President


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