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Notes from the President

This entry will be sweet and short.

I posted instructions for our internal GPDA Groups io system in our newsletter. Please be sure to read them and I sincerely hope the instructions are helpful for all to navigate information in GPDA Groups io platform.


As for the GPDA Packet, Richard Taylor is more than happy to print out a copy for any member and bring to the general meeting.

Agendas for general meetings are sent out through Groups io email. Please print out a copy if you want one to take notes at our general meeting.

If you need a hard copy of the 2022 Membership Directory, please contact Connie Renberger or you can print one from Groups io.

Monthly newsletters are sent through GPDA Groups io email.

Remember to order GPDA shirts from Lonnie. We need 24 orders total to be able to place the order.

Keep the Music in the Air

NancyJ President


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