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Notes from the VP

Hey Dulcimer Friends!

Once again, I’ve been sidetracked on the Tune of the Month because of a musical event I attended… The Annual Dulcimer Jamboree at the Ozark Folk Center State Park, in Mountain View, Arkansas!!

Have any of you been to this event?? This was my first time attending, and I had a FABULOUS time!!

What do you do at the Dulcimer Jamboree?? Well…………………………..

 You shop downtown Mountain View

 You attend workshops

 You shop some more

 You tour the Craft Village … and you shop

 You attend concerts

 You shop

 You eat out at all the local restaurants

 You walk the trails

 You shop.

 You go the McSpadden Dulcimer Shoppe – and you BUY DULCIMERS

Are you seeing a pattern here??? Yes, I came home with more than I began with, and yes, I came home with a new dulcimer – a baritone – SWEET!!!

Seriously friends, it was worth the drive! Beautiful setting, wonderful people, great music and great instructors!! Beginner through Advanced classes, concerts from the instructors and jamming – my FAVORITE part!! Instructors were, and I know I’m leaving some out – Bing Futch, Aubrey Atwater, our very own Erin Mae, Rick Thum – just to name a few. I would encourage you to add this festival to your bucket list – it’s a winner!!

I came home with a stack of music handouts and new books – lots to process and learn. You will be hearing all about, I’m sure!!!



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