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Put yourself out there!

Now, I realize you may be asking yourself, “What in the world is Gary talking about?!”

I’m talking about taking a chance.

So many times, we go into music with the idea that we must be perfect before anyone hears us play or perform.

Granted. I agree. A certain level of proficiency should be achieved before one performs. We all know that a poor performance causes great pain to some of the audience. Furthermore, it can be quite embarrassing if one is the least little bit self-conscious.

However, how long does it take? I know some musicians that have been playing for years and no one has ever heard them perform. Some will say, “What’s wrong with that?” Cannot a person just play for their own satisfaction? Certainly. But it became obvious to me at some point along the process of my voyage of discovery that music is meant to be heard!

Most of us have family who can ignore our sour notes or our inability to beat time, but I would maintain that at some point we all must take the plunge and step out in faith and put our best foot forward, put our best effort out there. Of course, precede this with tons of practice. But I have discovered that if one plays a piece a hundred times or so; they will know the piece. So, play it!

In the past we have scheduled time after the business meeting on our club meeting day for a person or persons to share with us a song that they have been learning. This can still happen! Let one of the Executive Committee know. Believe it! We would be more than glad to schedule you!

Our group is comprised of many very talented musicians. We even have several professional musicians, but it has always been an understanding that we are all in the process of learning.

My experience has been on numerous occasions when I have performed in front of our club everyone understands and knows that I am a beginner when it comes to music. And I have felt nothing but words and acceptance and encouragement from our club. That is especially true from the pros!

I encourage you to consider this and plan it sometime in the future. Share something of what you’ve learned lately!

Gary Bell



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