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Spring Has Sprung

Ah, the bees, flowers, smells, and rain?! The executive committee waited until Thursday night to declare if the Spring fundraiser was going to be cancelled due to the weather. We all watched the news every day prior to Thursday. Then Thursday night we met to try to make the best decision for GPDA. The rain chances had come down slightly and the wind was still a factor. We unanimously voted to postpone and not abort completely.

And sure enough the rain didn’t really materialize, but the wind was pretty brisk. These are hard decisions to make. The notice went out Thursday night and if you did not get the notice from groups io, please let us know so we can get that fixed for you. I was sorry Charlotte and Don that you did not get the notice, but pleased you were able to still have a good time!

Many decisions to be made this upcoming General Meeting on May 14th and looking forward to the group continuing to come together in person!

First we need to reschedule our Spring Fundraiser.

Secondly, discuss an update on our club playing at the Senseney ‘Music Make Music Wichita’ at Naftzger park June 21st .

Thirdly, Music on the Front Porch is in August. Should we entertain a possible playdate?

Lastly, we need to nail down our WUP.

So, I’m headed to the Dulcimer Jubilee tomorrow, April 26th and sure looking forward to my first festival since you know when. I hope to run into some old friends, learn some new stuff, and be immersed in music. Upcoming Spring, Summer, and Fall Events!

It’s like we are getting back in the saddle! There is still more to come like Cowtown and Botanica……

Keep the Music in the Air,

NancyJ Pres.


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