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Summer is Almost Over

Our WUP is in a few weeks and we hope many of you are able to attend. The schedule was posted in our Blog and Groups io if you need details.

Many festivals are still holding virtual events. I encourage you to try some out even if just for fun and playing with others. They are not overly expensive unless you take a bunch of classes. It gives you an opportunity to see what others are doing from coast to coast and the Quarantune festival is international with attendees and instructors from all over the world!

Besides the diverse instructors available the festivals offer lessons from beginner to Intermediate. Something for everyone. I have been exposed to some music I might never have heard otherwise. Sweet pieces from France, Belgium, and Ireland. Many of which I will play for a long time to come. Yes, it is different than the GPDA play list and some are challenging, but it’s good to be challenged. There was even a class on Sea Shanties and I wonder if Gary was in that one.

Overall, I strongly suggest checking into some of the upcoming Fall Festivals on line to expand your horizons. It will enhance your playing, introduce you to people from all over the globe, and just plan fun!

The instructor concerts are some of the most awesome playing showcasing all the kinds of instruments with some singing. It will blow you away! What better way to support our musical instructors and community than attending a few festivals on-line.

Keep the Music in the Air!

Your VP NancyJ


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